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conference may 12-14 2023

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We believe we all need to come home to our Heavenly Father and allow him to be a Father to us. We want to see many more people growing in this revelation of sonship as we learn to walk as Jesus walked.

Knowing God as the true, loving Father that He really is, and losing our misconceptions and wrong teachings about Him, is of fundamental importance to us in Golden Valley Church. In the words of Philip the Disciple, "Show us the Father and it's enough!"

It's with great pleasure that we welcome our good friends Barry Adams (Father's Love Letter, and Father Heart TV) and Mark Gyde (A Father to You, Father Heart UK) for this time of being in the Father's Presence and coming closer to Him.

The conference will take place in the Sheridan Suite, Holiday Inn Hotel, Cheltenham and Gloucester.

Sessions will be on Friday May 12th at 7pm, Saturday 13th May at 10am, 2pm, and 7pm, and Sunday 14th May at 10:30am.

Registration is by donation.

Deeper Homecoming: 

Encountering God as Father


About Barry Adams

Barry Adams originates from St Catherine's, Ontario, Canada.

During a brief 3 1/2 year stint in full time pastoral ministry Barry came into a life-changing revelation of the Father heart of God in 1998 through the ministry of Jack Winter and James Jordan. This new encounter with the extravagant love of God completely changed his life causing him to write a sermon illustration he called 'Father's Love Letter' that he presented in his home church in January 1999.

After a very emotional response from the congregation to this very simple PowerPoint presentation, Barry decided to convert this 8 minute multi media expression of God's heart into a video format which he streamed on his new website,

Barry's passion continues to be to see the Father's Love Letter delivered to every person on the planet so that more people could know just how much they are loved. His sweet spot for ministry is seeing the lights come on in people's hearts when they begin to grasp that God really, really loves them and He is the Father they have been looking for all their lives. He is also very passionate about helping grown ups change and become like little children again so they can enjoy the immeasurable vastness of their Heavenly Father's Kingdom.

It has now been over 24 years since Barry's life was changed through a hug from a man named Jack Winter. Millions of people have visited his websites and there are countless testimonies of people telling how the Father's love changed their lives.


About Mark Gyde

In 2002 Mark had a life-changing encounter with the love of the Father. The words of 2 Corinthians 6:18 came alive: “I will be a Father to YOU”. Each one of us can have this personal relationship with God where we know that we are loved irrespective of what we may or may not do. Mark has discovered that God’s desire is we call him ‘Father’ because that’s who he is. This is the reality of the Christian faith. Over the past twenty years, Mark has seen this revelation change everything for many people.

Mark has written four books: A Father to YOU, Planted in Love, The Depth of Love and It Changes Everything. These books will help take you deeper in your journey with your Heavenly Father. 

Mark's website can be found at "A Father to You". He and Barry Adams host a weekly webcast focusing on knowing God as Father.

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