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Isabel Skúlason

April 21-23 in Golden Valley Church

Sessions will take place at the Leonardo Hotel, Cheltenham

It's with great pleasure that we welcome our dear friend, Isabel (Allum) Skúlason, with us in GVC. (Unfortunately Thrainn will not be with us after all, on this occasion).

Thrainn and Isabel have a prophetic ministry, which has been widely recognized by the Body of Christ in many nations around the world. They travel and minister to hundreds of people on a regular basis bringing healing, life, and encouragement to their hearts. Another important part of their ministry is to impart and release the prophetic anointing in people’s lives, churches, and ministries. They have the ability to clearly and simply teach and model the basics of how to hear God’s voice and prophesy. They also teache how to receive and discern personal prophecy, how to walk into your prophetic destiny, how to minister in different realms of the prophetic such as corporate and personal prophecy, prophecy to the nations, words of knowledge, discernment and interpretation of dreams & visions, supernatural and third heaven revelations, visitations, the seer's anointing, healing, prophetic and apostolic strategy, prophetic evangelism, prophetic and worship, intercession, counselling, preaching, teaching, and much more. 

Isabel and Thrainn stress the importance of the Father’s love, compassion, and mercy in all their teachings and training, bringing a refreshing and uplifting attitude to the prophetic. Their desire is to raise up people who will make the Father known as they minister to others. Their ministry is also characterized by a powerful gift of impartation that releases the prophetic mantle and imparts the anointing wherever they go. They also carry authority to release heaven on earth, and power for miracles signs, and wonders. More and more people state that "they will never be the same" after they met Isabel and Thrainn.

Isabel has been a regular speaker and minister at the Catch the Fire School of Ministry and Leaders' Schools, and since 1995. They both have been imparting, teaching, training, and activating God’s people to minister prophetically in many countries around the world. 


About Isabel

Isabel Skúlason (Formerly Isabel Allum) has been involved in various levels of ministry and church leadership for over 30 years. Ordained through Partners in Harvest, she was trained and mentored by John & Carol Arnott, who taught her to love God's people and bring healing to their lives. She is best known through her international prophetic ministry, training and equipping people to hear the voice of God, to activate their gift and prophesy from the Father's heart, to engage in prophetic evangelism, prophetic worship, prophetic strategy, and live in their prophetic destiny.  She is also known as an apostolic and prophetic advisor, helping pastors and leaders get vision, direction, and strategy for their ministry, their church, and for the destiny of the people under their care. She has been involved in several church plants. She and her late husband, Ivan Allum, co-founded and pastored Highlands Christian Ministries and Forest City Destiny Church. Isabel is under the CTF network and is also part of the Singing Waters Ministries.
Isabel is the author of the books “YOUR DESTINY..... Unlocking the Impossible Promises of God”, and “RUNNING THE RACE”.


Session Times


Please contact them directly to book rooms at the delegate's rate, using the code: GOLVAL200423

Reservations +44 87 04100800

Friday 21st April: 2:30pm & 7:30pm
Saturday 22nd April: 2:30pm & 7:30pm
Sunday 23rd April: 10:30am & 2:30pm

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