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Our Local Community

Serving Coney Hill and Gloucester

Our "Firehouse" is located in the heart of the Coney Hill community of Gloucester. We are happy to serve and share with our neighbours, whatever their faith or nationality.
We have various social initiatives, in particular, our "Tuesday Hub" and "Bereavement Journey"

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A Place to Talk

Are you grieving the death of a loved one or struggling with the long-term effects of loss? We are here to help. 

Bereavement can impact hugely and affect all areas of life. "The Bereavement Journey" was developed at Holy Trinity Brompton and appreciated by thousands of people over 20 years. It's a six-session course that can help, for anyone who has been bereaved at any time and in any way.

Using a series of films and gentle discussion it helps guide bereaved people through the most common aspects of grief, enabling them to process the implications for themselves and discern next steps.

Although it is usually run in churches the Bereavement Journey is for anyone of any faith, or no faith, and is non-pressurised and not religious. There is a final session which is entirely optional for anyone who wants to think about faith issues relating to bereavement.

Topics include:

  • Attachment, separation and lossThe impact and pain of bereavement

  • Adjusting to change

  • Anger and guilt

  • Coping with others’ reactions

  • Moving on healthily

  • optional session on Faith questions

Attendance is without any obligation. 

Our next "Bereavement Journey" runs on Tuesday afternoons from 21st February to 28th March 2023, 1:30-4pm

Location is Golden Valley Church ("Firehouse"), Newton Avenue, Coney Hill Gloucester, GL4 4NS

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Stop by for a cuppa

Every Tuesday 9am to 12 noon.

At our "Firehouse" in Coney Hill. Newton Avenue, Gloucester, GL4 4NS

No charge. No obligation. Open to people of all nationalities, and all faiths or none.

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